Sunday, July 10, 2011

Special: What Have We Learned From a Rally?

After the July 9th rally in one capital city and many major cities around the world in Bullehland, I am sure there were a lot to learn. These things that I mention do not solely apply to a specific country, nor am I accusing any Government about any matter whatsoever, so with a cup of coffee by my side, and a keyboard in front of me (and a yellow shirt on me), here goes:

1. A Country is run by its People, not its Government.
All Government officials should always bear in mind that a country is run by the people, and not the Government itself. It does not take a genius to understand this equation that without the People, there isn't a Country. Without the People, they would not have been the Government. The People put their trust in you to help lead to Country, and you volunteered for it, so do it.
It is not all about choosing sides, it is about the People's side.

2. Be fair and transparent. At least, try harder.
We as citizens know that there is hardly anything in this world that could be totally transparent (at least, I think so). We understand this and we have spared a 'margin of error' for this.
However, when there are a lot that do not feel nor see the fairness and transparency, it just means that you have not done enough. Then it is time for you and your officials to go back to that meeting room/hall of yours and draw another plan.
Failure to do this may, and most certainly will anger a lot of People in the long-term.

3. Pen vs Sword. It is not just a saying.
"The pen is mightier than the sword", coined by Edward Bulwer-Lytton in 1839. When the People is very pissed and are threatened with force and brutality, they stand up. The water cannons and tear gas canisters of yours may injure them physically, but what does not kill them makes them stronger. They will stand up, taller, stronger, and of course, more pissed.
Then I suggest it is back to your meeting rooms again.

4. Rights vs Might. They know their rights, they know their might. That's why they fight.
People are more informed these days, and they are much more knowledgeable, so try not to tell them or act as if they are not.
It is as if you are laughing at Newton's law of physics when you can't spell 'C-L-E-A-N' right. See, it is not that difficult after all, even I got it right the first time.

5. Be inspired. Do what you feel right and never give up.
Inspiration is everywhere, you need not find it. It finds you.
See, I happen to come across a picture of a person, whom I think is very inspiring to me.
Her name is Annie Ooi (a.k.a. Malaysian Lady of Liberty). She's 65-years old, and has traveled alone to the capital city in support of the rally for free and fair election. During her journey, she was stopped 4 times by the police, questioned her motive of wearing a yellow shirt (as crazy as it sounds, they really do it in one country!). She had no idea where the rally is, when the rally starts, nor anyone with her. All she knows is to get there and stand for what she believes in, even if it means becoming a victim of police brutality.
That's an inspiration. To Annie, we appreciate you and your effort and thank you very much.

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Special: A Message to All my Countrymen

The author of this blog has an emergency message:

"Now I am sure that reader(s) of this blog may anticipate what would become the topic that is to be Chapter 7 of this blog. I am, surely able to write about it, but the editor (or some other people) will not allow such article to be published."

Thus, as a special chapter on this blog, the author wishes to send a message to everyone, regardless of where you come from, or whoever you are.

Dear Readers,

As I type this message, a lot is happening around me - to my friends, neighbours, fellow citizens.

Issues that surface from day to day has affected us all. I do not want to go into the reasons, nor the details of the issues I was referring to, not only is it because of the certain 'inconvenience' to mention it, but also because I am simply fed up of thinking about it.

In my life I have witnessed abuse of power and corruption happening.
It was as if everyone else was too blind to see, too busy to be bothered, or simply too weak to stand up against it;

In my life I have witnessed unfair treatment towards the rich, as opposed to the poor.
It was as if everyone else was too blind to see, too busy to be bothered, or simply too weak to stand up against it;

In my life I have witnessed pointless hatred amongst my friends, my brothers and sisters in my country.
It was as if everyone else was too blind to see, too busy to be bothered, or simply too weak to stand up against it;

Sometimes, it is destiny that steers a nation's path. A destiny defined by the people.
People vote for the people to rule the people. To live as one, progress as one, and prosper as one.

I have always thought that was supposed to be the way. Now, I can only hope that I am proven right.

Year after year, I see many leaving this place. Many of whom are my friends. We learned together, played together, laughed together, even taking the 'rotans' together.
A part of me understands why they have left, but a part of me could not.

I guess nobody could change that. But I am just guessing.

I may not have felt the joy when we achieved independence back in '57. But I sure feel grateful that we did, and that, I believe, must have been much more if I was there back then.

This is a young nation, of many races and of many hopes.
This nation that I cling on to dearly, belongs to us all.

I am a patriot, a Malaysian, and I am twenty-two.

For a nation, we have always been one.

No them & us.

Just us.

If you have read this, I hope you would stop. And think.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Special: Remembering Michael Jackson

Today, June 25th, 2011 marks two years since the shocking death of Michael Jackson.

As certain as I am that all of you may already known him, be it for his music, dance, or the news about him being a pedophile and sorts, I am sure that the world as a whole, lost something irreplaceable.

Let's all not forget, he was the man who changed the world with music, more than anyone else could. No one can ever fill his shoes.

Billie Jean, Heal The World, Earth Song, Thriller, Bad, Dirty Diana, Smooth Criminal, You Rock My World, You Are Not Alone, Man in the Mirror, Wanna Be Startin' Somethin', I Just Can't Stop Loving You, We Are The World..and so much more.

For those of you who'd like to reminisce the songs, here is the Official Youtube Channel of MJ.

Below is a list of a few of his items sold at auctions.

1. A pair of shoes and hat = 22,800 pounds (US$ 37,300)

2. Moonwalk glove (from 1983 Moonwalk Dance) = US$ 350,000

3. Jacket (from 1989 'Bad' tour) = US$ 225,000

4. Fedora (worn by MJ on moonwalk) = US$22,000

5. MJ 'Thriller' Jacket = conservative estimate US$200,000 - US$400,000. Some expects close to US$1,000,000. (Up for auction this weekend)

So, if you're a fan who wants to own one or two of his personal belongings, you better be rich.
Filthy rich.